Why I went Indie

The day I received my first request from an agent to read my full manuscript was the day I decided to go Indie (Self-Publish). It was not an easy decision and it was something I had been struggling with for a while. Traditional publishing was the only way I wanted to go for so long. Get an agent, they work for you doing all the behind the scenes work of publishing and then bam I land a contract with one of the Big 5 publishing companies. Traditional publishing is a long hard road filled with rejection and great rewards. I have the utmost respect for every writer that has chosen this path and everyone that has become successful this way. 

I decided that traditional publishing is not the right path for me at this moment in my life. One day that may change. Because neither path is better than the other. Both are extremely difficult and both have many challenges. The more research I do on Indie publishing the more I realize how much time and work is going to go into it. But I also realize how right it feels for me.  When I received the request for an agent to read my full manuscript, I realized how much control I was giving up. And how much hope I was putting into someone else to love my manuscript as much as I do.

One of the biggest reasons for me to go Indie, was that it felt right. I am a firm believer in following your gut, and from the moment I decided to publish my own novels I have had this tingle in my belly like I’m doing the right thing. The second biggest reason, I have full control over my novel. I hire an editor I choose and they will help me make my book the best it can be. The cover artist is someone I decide, and the final decision on the cover is mine. Release dates, marketing, formats, and many other small details are all mine. This is a level of control that I wanted with my series The Witches of Arlynn. 

There may be other books in my future that I decide would be better with an agent. For now, I will self-publish my novels because I believe I am giving them their best shot. To help, I am learning everything I can about self-publishing and I will be blogging all of it. To keep up to date on my blogs and where I am on my journey please subscribe to my newsletter.  Hugs and Best Witches to all of you.

4 thoughts on “Why I went Indie

  1. Great post. I chose to go indie too. The kind of fiction I write won’t get any love from the Big 5, and thus not from agents either. Getting readers in my target audience to discover my work and choose to take a chance on it is the hardest part of self-publishing for me. So, yeah, it’s hard work, and only time will tell if it’s worth it, but how bad do we want this, right? Good luck with your continuing indie efforts.

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