Who is Melody Caraballo aka Pie Queen?

Melody is an extrovert by all accounts. The loud girl in the room who will chat with anyone, and she is extremely outgoing, unless it has anything to do with planes. As a child she moved around a lot and found comfort in books. The first book she read that wasn’t a school assignment was The Giver by Lois Lowry. Followed shortly by every R.L Stine book she could get her hands on. Authors she is reading now include Karen Marie Moning, Gena Showalter, Sarah J. Mass, and Roger Zelazny. Writing seemed like the next move for someone who loved to read. So, at a young age she started writing ideas for stories. The stories never grew past a hope, a glimmer written down, then stored in a box.

Then twelve years ago, she had that moment. The can’t eat, sleep or breathe until the words were on paper moment. That book sits in a pink expandable folder, the last chapter still unwritten. But that’s a story for another time. It took eight more years for inspiration to strike again. This time the novel was written on scraps of paper. That novel is currently in the process of a rewrite. Luckily, her muse has not left her side and she is working on a several manuscripts.

Melody has a love for Pie Charts. It started as a Twitter joke during her favorite writerly contest. It quickly caught on and landed her the name Pie Queen. Now, you can find her on Twitter making pie charts for fellow writers and editors. Why? because why not and it’s fun.

Melody is currently working on an Adult Urban Fantasy Romance Series. She has decided to self-publish and wants to share everything she learns with you. This is a long process and she wants you to hopefully learn from her mistakes. Please feel free to contact her with any questions you may have or if you have any tips.

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